Most people find it easy to communicate on a daily basis without giving communication a thought. Problems arise, though, when there is need to put words in writing.
A business document in French, an academic paper in Italian, or a CV and cover letter in English, which you are not sure you know well, an article that needs to be print-ready upon submission: these are just some challenges many of us have to cope with in today’s globalized world.


We are a new world-wide translation company looking to find our place in the market by offering competitive prices and a service that is not only professional, but also with a personal touch tailored to the client’s needs. Apart from translating, we provide proof-reading and editing services.

Who works for you?

Our team is made up of native speakers of the target language, specialized in areas such as technical translation, financial translation, legal translation and marketing translation.
No matter how well qualified our translators, they are tested prior to being hired, to ensure they meet our clients’ needs.
What sets us apart is the fact that we do not use machines to expedite translation process. We pride ourselves on taking the personal approach, as this is the only way to provide our clients with texts that match their chosen style and meet our standards of excellence.
Proof-readers and editors
While it is true that a machine operated spelling and grammar check will cover the basic problems with your text, human beings are able to understand the difference between deliberate use of non-standard language forms, and stylistic errors, which is the reason why an electronic review is hardly a match for the work done by an intelligent language specialist. Our proof-readers and editors are professionals in the fields of linguistics and communication, and unlike computers that check blindly, they are able to notice more than simple spelling and grammar errors.

What languages do we work with?

We work with all major European languages covering many language combinations. Our minor languages include Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Slovenian, and Hungarian.


What do we offer?


• Document translation (tehnical, financial, legal,marketing texts etc.)

• Website Translation

• Label and packaging Translation

• Branding Translation

Proof-reading and editing:

• Fiction, Nonfiction, Screenplays

• Magazine articles

• CVs and cover letters

• Academic Writing

• Presentations

• Website



Quotations are based on word count per page, allowing for expansion or contraction due to language specifics.
• For major European languages: from €0.8 /word
• For minor languages : from €0.11 /word
Price per word varies according to language, document type and time frame.

To learn more about pricing or to get a free quotation for your text, please feel free to contact us.


We offer discounts for large translations (10,000 words or more).


These services are charged by the number of hours needed to get the job done.


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